Coach Hurley Honored with Party and Work Day

No one was more surprised than Head Coach, Tom Hurley, when his best friend Christian Miller appeared from the crowd during devotional time after practice last Friday. Miller currently lives in Colorado, and he hadn’t seen Hurley in years.

To celebrate Hurley’s 50th birthday, his wife, Heidi, arranged for Miller to come to Kansas City for the weekend. Miller and Hurley have been friends since high school, when they played 8-man football together at Temple Baptist Academy in Sheridan, CO.

As soon as Hurley recognized Miller, he broke into a smile of delight and amazement. He introduced Miller to the players, and shared the value of friendships forged on the football field. The players swarmed them both in a huddle and sang “Happy Birthday” to  Hurley.

The heartwarming reunion was followed immediately with a milk-and-cookies party. Hurley’s favorite treat is milk and chocolate chip cookies. So right after practice, the team hosted a party along that theme. Heidi created poster boards chronicling Hurley’s life for everyone to enjoy. She displayed photos and moments from Hurley’s life as a football player, father, husband, and coach. Miller even showed up in some of the memories from high school.

The next day, after the JV scrimmage, Miller took Hurley out to lunch and to Dave & Busters. What Hurley didn’t know was that at the same time, a group from Christ Prep was headed to his home to perform a “Work Day” in his honor.

Because Hurley dedicates himself to the football team, especially during the summer and fall, he has little time to maintain his 3-acre property where he lives with Heidi, his mother, Carol, and his children.

Starting at noon Saturday, about 35-40 players, coaches, family, and friends arrived at the Hurley home bearing weed-eaters, chainsaws, tree trimmers, leaf blowers, handsaws, and at least one machete. They quickly went to work chopping and hauling brush along the perimeter of the property.

At the end of the day of trimming trees, blowing leaves, pulling weeds, raking, and mowing, an impressive pile of brush stood at the back of the property – about 30 feet wide and ten feet tall.

When Hurley arrived with Miller at the house just after 5:00pm, once again he was stunned. Seeing the cars lining the driveway Hurley said he thought, “What has she (Heidi) done, now?” When he reached the house saw the brush pile he began to understand.

Heidi organized a cook-out and the remaining workers and family members shared a meal together. After everyone left, Hurley said he told Heidi he hoped there weren’t any more surprises, because he couldn’t imagine being more blessed.

What will become of the enormous brush pile? Hurley said after it dries it will serve as fuel for a bonfire he plans to host in November.

Seniors Khalif Dennison and Elijah Lindstrome relax in the shade while the underclassmen work.

Lumberjack crew is ready for action at the Hurley’s house.