Put Your Stamp on the Football Program

Anyone who has spent time around the Christ Prep Football community, knows it’s a special group. And the good news is there are still plenty of opportunities for you to help with the 2017 Football Program.

Current Needs:

Game Day: We need parents to actually fill their game day volunteer positions that are listed on the TeamStuff app.
Videographer: We need someone to film Jr. High games.
Corporate Liaison: We need someone to take the lead on corporate sponsorship.

Being an entirely volunteer-led program, Christ Prep Football finds itself uniquely positioned. We have some of the most generous and dedicated coaches in the game, with no paid staff to support them.

That’s where the Booster Club comes in. The Booster Club works to fill in the unmet needs of the coaches and the program as a whole. Just as the coaches generously donate their time to invest in the athletes, many of the parents also give of their time and talents to keep the program running.

“We need to give the coaches as much time as possible to focus on coaching,” said Tim Krause, Co-Director of the Booster Club. “So, we provide the administrative and volunteer work that goes along with running a football program.”

The Booster Club also generates excitement among the community with the parents and families of our football players.
If you, or anyone you know can help fill the above needs, please contact one of the Booster Club Directors, Tim Krause or Shane Stamatis.