Have You Stepped into the P.I.T.?

You might have noticed a new addition to the landscape at Christ Prep. The Patriot Information Tent or the P.I.T. is the bright red tent that has popped up in the parking lot between the equipment trailer and the pavilion.

Already, the P.I.T. has become a place where parents sit together during practices. For a lot of parents, the drive to the practice field is too long to justify turning around and going back home. So, they stay for practice, and up until this season their options were to sit in their cars or to set up chairs in the sun. The P.I.T. now provides a shady spot for parents to watch practice, but it also offers much more.

At least one member of the “P.I.T. Crew” can usually be found in or near the red tent. “P.I.T. Crew” members will either answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. At the P.I.T. you can find information about games and schedules and volunteer needs for the team.

You can also get to know other team families better and leave encouraging notes for the coaches. And let’s not forget the all-important service the P.I.T. provides—access to the bathroom key.

The P.I.T. frees up the equipment trailer and the volunteers working there to deal with the players and coaches. It makes room for parents to find out more about the program, without getting in the way of equipment needs.

It’s a hands-on place for parents to find out about the needs of the team. In just one evening at the P.I.T. last week, I learned about the following needs:

  • Snacks for the players during JV games
  • Funding for a banner for the P.I.T. (need has been filled)
  • The traveling P.I.T. – we need people to help transport and set up the P.I.T. at home games for varsity
  • Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator

We all want the Christ Prep Football program to be a memorable experience. Getting involved can help make that a reality. If you’re available to help, come by and let us know!

Lisa Berry