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High School Results
Year       Type     Win/Loss    Coach
2019*  11-Man    12-1       Tom Hurley
2018*  11-Man    11-2       Tom Hurley
2017    11-Man     8-4        Tom Hurley
2016    11-Man     6-6        Tom Hurley
2015    11-Man     4-8        Jim Cook
2014    11-Man     8-2        Jim Cook
2013    11-Man     6-5        Jim Cook
2012    11-Man     5-8        Jim Cook
2011    11-Man     2-8        Dave Wallace
2010    11-Man     7-3        Dave Wallace
2009    11-Man     6-5        Dick Burton
2008    11-Man     6-6        Dick Burton
2007    11-Man     7-7        Dick Burton
2006    11-Man     9-5        Dick Burton
                                              (Jim Sanders)
2005    8-Man       8-1        Dick Burton
2004    8-Man       7-6        Dick Burton
2003    8-Man       7-3        Dick Burton

* National Homeschool Football
Association (NHFA) Champions

Christ Prep Football History

 In 2003 Dick Burton, a homeschool father of 8 sons, missed coaching and decided to return to start up the football program for this new University Model School called Christ Prep.  His first calls were to his assistant coaches, Jay Geeding, Mark Geeding, and Jim Cook.  Soon after, most of his former players (mostly homeschoolers) joined and won the National Association of Christian Athletics (NACA) Div I 8-man football tournament.  A fantastic start for a program in its inaugural season.

Over the next seven seasons years Burton’s Patriots continued to overwhelm the competition.  The team grew and at the start of the 2006 season Burton briefly turned over the reins to Defensive Coordinator Jim Sanders and moved the team up to 11-man football.  Burton then returned mid-season and finished one of the best seasons in school history with a record of 9-5 and runner-up in the NAFA Tournament.  The highlight of the season came with a hard fought victory over an undefeated Hogan Prep team on Oct. 7th.  Burton retired after the 2009 season with a winning percentage of 60% and record of 50-33.

During those early years the team practiced at Mid-American Nazarene University and played games in southern Olathe but Dave Wallace when took over as head coach he moved the team to Red Bridge Baptist Church in Grandview, MO.  During Wallace’s tenure a rivalry with Lighthouse Christian Chargers, the homeschool team in Springfield, MO, was birthed.  CPA won three of the first four meetings including a dominating performance in 2010 by Darren Wallace, Jared Nield and a 4 TD receiving day by Jack Layman to win 41-20.  Then in 2011 Lighthouse went on a three game win streak to take a 4-3 advantage.

Wallace retired after two seasons and Jim Cook took over a program that had dwindled to 16 players.  Cook began to make structural changes including improving the practice field at Red Bridge, starting up the Redzone Camp, lots of recruiting for both Junior High and High School.  He and booster club president, Greg Finley, made the decision to participate in the National Homeschool Football tournament in Panama City, FL.  The first trip in 2012, was a huge success from the perspective of coaches, players and families.  CPA finished 6th out of 8 teams but hungry for more.

In 2013, the team made it to the top bracket in Florida and finished 3rd and set the stage for an amazing 2014 season for both Junior High and High School. The JH Patriots, coached by Tom Hurley, finished the season 8-1-1 redeeming their only defeat to St. Mary’s by winning the rematch and a fought to a 6-6 tie versus Lighthouse.  The varsity team dominated their regular season schedule including an impressive win over rival Lighthouse by a score of 30-14 but finished runner-up in Panama City to those same Chargers by score of 21-7.  That team closed the season as the highest ranked homeschool team in the country.

In 2016 Josh Burton, Dick Burton’s son, assumed command of the junior high program which enabled Coach Hurley to move up to high school. Hurley immediately focused on equipment upgrades and replacing the helmets so that today our players have state of the art protection.  The team continues to focus on building Christian character as well as public speaking skills.  Christ Prep embraces the symbiotic relationship between CPA’s KSHAA status and academic students along with homeschoolers who participate in athletics in general but particularly football. Today, CPA football is a leading program in the country that allows for homeschoolers and much of that credit goes to the sacrifices and dedication of the coaches and families since the team was founded.


Head Coach: Tom Hurley

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