Have You Stepped into the P.I.T.?

You might have noticed a new addition to the landscape at Christ Prep. The Patriot Information Tent or the P.I.T. is the bright red tent that has popped up in the parking lot between the equipment trailer and the pavilion. Already, the P.I.T. has become a place where parents sit together during practices. For a lot ... More

Football Widow

If someone in your family gets hurt and the first thing anyone says is "take a knee"... you may be a football widow. If your children think that chili dogs and nachos are an essential part of the food pyramid... you may be a football widow. If the only colors in your fall wardrobe are red and blue... you may be a ... More

Coach Hurley Honored with Party and Work Day

No one was more surprised than Head Coach, Tom Hurley, when his best friend Christian Miller appeared from the crowd during devotional time after practice last Friday. Miller currently lives in Colorado, and he hadn’t seen Hurley in years. To celebrate Hurley’s 50th birthday, his wife, Heidi, arranged for Miller to ... More